Day 4 – 30 days of loving my body

Today’s plan was to notice all thoughts about my body and flood every thought with golden liquid love.  Hmmm…It was a full and busy day and I’m not sure I noticed and flooded ’em all.  It was a wonderful day.  I was with family, I was of service, I didn’t think selfishly of myself and my needs, but was present in each moment to what was needed to increase the love.  Ah, that feels good.  Talk about some golden liquid love!  Let us now relate all of this to the body love topic, Miss Mills.  Ok, here goes – the practice of loving my physical self has increased the love for everything. There it is.  One of the reasons that I embarked on this journey is that is has become apparent that there are parts of me – areas of my life – beliefs – that are like love resistors.  They block the love coming in and going out.  Not totally, but more like a semi-permeable membrane.  I desire more love, flowing freely.  And body image/awareness/hate/love has been part of my thought life for many years.  Literally as far back as I can remember.  

Seriously…I thought the number on the scale, the waist measurement, the roundness and firmness of my stomach fat was one of those things that I was required by some unspoken law to ponder, obsess over, feel guilty about, protest, complain about. No such law exists.  What a concept!  I find it remarkable that I am such a physically healthy person, given the barrage of unnecessary and unhelpful thoughts I’ve amassed over the years. I’m a healthy girl!  It can be so easy to care for myself.  It doesn’t take a lot of work, or time, or pain, or suffering.  It takes the willingness to be playful and joyful and to listen. It takes a belief in freedom, a freedom to choose what I want to eat based on my emotional guidance. And not simply what I want to eat, but what I want to do. Or NOT do. Here’s one more thing.  I’m sharing this journey; I’m doing the blog, because I can’t let go of any thing that I continue to hide.  Vulnerability – Brene Brown – I bet you’ve seen the TED talk.  Everybody knows and nobody cares.  You care about ME, maybe, but you don’t care much about my thoughts.  You can’t until I share them.  And they become simple thoughts/fairytales/stories.  And they are not me, but they are a part of me that I don’t need.  So – you can have them.  I don’t need those thoughts anymore.

She's got legs...
She’s got legs…

Day 3 – 30 days to love my body

Today’s plan was to love the bodies of others.  Pretty easy…even though we are staying at a hotel full of cheerleaders!  Yes really.  Cheer camp.  I can’t laugh at them, since I went to Band camp.  More than once.  I was mean to cheerleaders in high school.  Had you asked me then, I would have been certain that it was the cheerleaders who were mean girls.  But I cannot tell you one cruel thing that any cheerleader ever said or did to me.  I do remember talking crap about them, making fun of them behind their backs, and assuming a level of superiority, both emotional and mental.  Wow, none of that makes any sense at all to me now.  As I get closer to my real self, I am able to love more authentically.

Which brings us back to today’s plan.  Love all bodies.  Yep, I did.  Bodies are awesome.  I noticed many shapes and sizes.  And I saw many ways of being, ways of eating, ways of talking, ways of dressing, ways of interacting, ways of serving.  I did judge some of this.  But I honestly did not have a negative thought about anyone’s body today.  That’s a new kind of freedom.  I also ate exactly what I wanted today.  And for the second day in a row, I did not feel overstuffed.  No logy feeling.  I naturally ate food that tastes good to me and ate the right amount for me.

I’m feeling strongly right now that these 30 days of loving my body are going to be good for my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  Results that will far exceed anything I ever got from a “diet”.  It’s a feeling of peace and freedom and connection.

Plan for tomorrow:  notice all thoughts about my own body and flood every thought with golden liquid love.

I will let you know how it goes…

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A 30-day Journey to Loving My Body – Day 2

Yesterday, I said “I am loving my body by letting myself off the hook for caring what others think.”  Guess what.  I think a lot about other people’s bodies!  Wow, you guys are too thin, too short, too fat, too tall, clothes too tight, too much makeup, uncomfortable shoes.  You are also beautiful, lucky, so much better than me. So, my 30-day journey has already grown to not simply loving my body, but loving yours too.  

About my body…it did great today.  My legs are still a little bit sore from my hike on Saturday.  And I feel that soreness, and I feel appreciation for my legs.  Strong and sturdy 53 year old legs.  Been able to walk for a looong time now.  And my sense of balance! I almost never fall down.  Do you know that my senses are astonishing.  Right now, I feel the breeze on my skin.  I see shapes and colors and people.  I hear happy voices and cars going by.  My brain and my senses create beautiful compositions of all this and more.  I can take a breath, clear my mind for a moment and experience it as all part of ME. 

It’s only the second day of this journey.  So far it has been fun.  The more I find to love and appreciate, the easier it becomes to redirect my thoughts when I hear a critical thought come in.  More on that soon.  For now, the goal for the next day is to love other people’s bodies.  Nothing to lose there, I think.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

I was always photogenic
I was always photogenic

A 30-day journey to love my body

IMG_1062My body is amazing.  Strong legs, long wavy hair, cute toes, smiling eyes.  It does so much good stuff without any instructions from me!  It breathes, circulates blood, digests, thinks, laughs and loves.  It deserves my love and appreciation.  So, when I saw a social media post with photos of someone’s 30-day journey of diet and exercise, with photos, I thought…”Hey, Molly, why don’t you do a 30-day journey to love your body.  Yep, the fat tummy, the achy shoulder, the gray hair.  Every single bit of it.  It will be fun and easy.  And share this 30-day journey.  Document it.  See what happens.”

So, it is day 1.  Today I am loving my body by letting myself off the hook for caring what others think. Deep breath, and I just let go of that.  For a moment.  Guess what?  I am experiencing pretty strong emotion right now.  Maybe you have heard of the Emotional Guidance System.  I learned about it from the book Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks. What I know is that my emotions guide me to think and act in ways that are best for me.  When negative emotions come up, that is a magic key to unlock a belief that is not serving me.

A belief that does serve me is the belief that Source Energy is loving, personally, towards me.  Source is beaming powerful loving energy to me at all times, and it is my choice whether to allow it in.  Source loves my body, so when I think loving thoughts about my body, that feels good.  But if I try to think things that I”m not ready to really believe, it feels bad.  So I think more general, less specific thoughts.  And the love can shine through again!

So, tomorrow I will let you know about my experiences with letting myself off the hook.  Day 1 begins…