2 percent done!

It’s day 2 of 100 days.  Deciding to completely cut out sweets is easier than deciding to treat or not to treat.  Today, that is.  Remind me when I’m crying at the next birthday party with  a big chocolate cake.

One thing I’m noticing is that I’m caring a little more about what I’m ingesting.  That little  pause that I take to make sure it’s something non-sugary is a pause for me.  To ponder my food choices.

I’m not against sugar, and am fully expecting to develop a more mindful relationship with the treats.  But for now, just a cleanse, so to speak.  I wonder what other ways I will be finding to treat myself without sugar.  Got any ideas?

100 DAYS without treats

My dogs love “treats”  it’s not the actual treat, I believe, but the love that comes through the treat.  My “treats” are sweets.  Ice cream, candy, cookies.  And once in a while a donut or cake.  But I’m not sure whether or not that’s good for me.  So, I’m going to not eat them for 100 days.  It is day 1.  I also committed to myself to write at least one sentence a day about how it feels.

Right now I am a mixture of virtue and fear.  I did it!  And at the airport where I always treat.  There’s the virtue.  But what will I do when…(fill in the blank).  Answer, I will do whatever I do and honor my commitment.  And have fun with it.

Stay tuned…