Wow, it’s day 25

I love my job because I love the people.  I love the kids.  I love the parents. I love the teachers. I love the custodians. School is the best place to be. Well, for a workplace it’s one of the best, anyway. One reason is hope. When surrounded by youngin’s  every day, hope is usually easy to find. They want stuff.  All kinds of stuff. They see stuff. They expect a good life. And that makes me know that life is good.

Oh, it can get crazy and feel hard and I cry sometimes.  But that’s life. I feel my emotions now. I don’t hide them nearly as much as in the past. And it balances to more good than bad. More great than rotten. More hope and joy than despair. I love it.

Day 16 of loving my job

Thanks to a good friend at work, I’m back to sharing my love with whomever decides to read this.  I am pleased as punch that I decided to love my job, because it is really loving me back.  It’s fun staying in the same job and watching it transform.  One of the things I like about teaching is that it constantly changes, one 50 minute period at a time.  The rituals are there, and are comforting to all of us – teachers and students alike.  And also, we are free to think and grow and try new things and grow and fail and try again.  Our school has a new principal who is encouraging me to mix things up and try new things and I am taking her at her word and doing that.  We have people at the district office who are encouraging us to spend more time building community, and encouraging human interaction, and are introducing us to some tools to do that.  And I am embracing it as it feels right to me, and it’s new and it feels good.  A whole bunch of kids today were clamoring for me to show them how to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction.  That is good.  And I got to say a whole bunch of times – ” see, this would be so much easier if you knew your times tables.”  And I have a way for them to learn it.  And so it goes.