The sugar thing

According to my “HOWMANYDAYS” app I haven’t had sweets for 13 days.  Deep breath.  Sometimes I really want them.  Yesterday there were brownie bites in the staff room.  I almost had to reach out with one hand to pull the other away.  And it wasn’t because I really wanted to eat a brownie bite.  It was habit.  How many things do I do by habit that are not good for me?  Yes, I totally understand that brownie bites are not the devil.  Nor did the devil put them there to tempt me on Friday morning at 7:30 am on the week before the last week of school.  This 100 days of no sweets experiment is a gift to myself as a way to learn about me.  To shake up my patterns a little bit and see what sticks out.

Summer is coming and for me that means moving from  tightly scheduled days to no schedule.  Every summer ends with thoughts of regret that I “didn’t get more done”.  I think a very productive summer would be to unearth habits that no longer serve me.  Accept them, love myself and let go.  So I do have a structure.  It’s the structure to eat no sweets.  That is a loving structure in which I can move freely.  Move freely towards my unending goal of ever growing peace and happiness.

My 100 day commitment included:  1 hour of meditation a day, blog every day, and no sugar.  It didn’t work for me.  The sugar thing turned out to be the thing.  I am grateful.

Baseball Game

Day 5.  Friday.  What I have learned about myself so far is that I habitually eat sugar without much thought.  This became clear at the A’s game tonight.  Frozen custard.  Dibs. Cotton Candy…(now I never eat cotton candy and find it disgusting, but I always consider it.)  It seems so tempting on those long poles traveling around the baseball park.

I imagine that everyone has something that they do habitually that’s not that good for them..  Give it up for 100 days and see what happens.

Safeway is not always safe

ARRGH!  Safeway was a bad dream tonight.  Went in all calm and happy, but a little hungry.  And the sugary sweet stuff was calling.  Jumping off the shelves.  At every turn.  What are those cookies doing in the toilet paper aisle?

And it makes me wonder.  Is it possible that I never eat this stuff again?  I’m not saying that’s the plan but it’s a thought.    I mean, I never drink alcohol.  I never smoke cigarattes.

So far I haven’t had a lot of physical or emotional symptoms.  Can’t wait!