Day 25 – But being right MAKES me happy!

I was always photogenic
I was always photogenic

We all know the adage – would you rather be right or would you rather be happy.  Sadly, I always have to  ponder for a bit.  I just so like to be right!  I’ve been practicing enjoying my moments, and the moments are better when my focus is happiness, or joy or peace or contentment. Strangely enough, “being right” is disempowering.  It’s a hollow victory to trample someone else’s emotions or self-esteem.  But when I feel wronged, it takes a bit.  I do a forgiveness prayer.  I focus on other things.  I pray for the person.  I love, appreciate and value all the good that my life has to offer.  Let go of resentment.  It requires, for me, both intention and follow through.

I even look right in this baby pic.  

I have a gaggle (or more) of caring, loving and helpful folks in my life and I am never alone. It’s another gift.  By focusing on the fun and love of my life, I am bringing in more positivity  Like attracts like.  So they say. It continues to make my slightly uncomfortable.  That’s because I haven’t let go.  I want to be right, So, the commitment is not about anyone but ME.  So I’m going to go to bed now..Good night 

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