Day 3 – still loving it

Here’s the deal  Everybody should do a 30 day love blog.  Or journal, whatever.  It is so darn awesome.  I’m not serious, because I know that each individual has their own path, and this is simply mine – the right path for Molly.  And I do very much love my path.  But your path is cool too.  But not quite as cool as mine.  I’ll shut up now.  About that.  

I love my job because I get to connect.  With the funnest people on the planet – 7th graders.  Yes, I know funnest isn’t a word.  I don’t care and neither do they.  I am contented and peaceful.  We are going to learn so much this year, and with so little effort.  We will “fun” our way through.  What’s not to love?


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