Opposite of a graveyard

I had a powerful experience while walking the dogs this evening.  There’s a housing development being built near the marina a few blocks away, and for the first time, the gate was wide open.  A wide paved path led into an area where 40 homes are being squished together in classic Bay Area style.  Many homes in various stages of completion.  A few sidewalks and gutters.  LOTS of wood.  When we got to the end of the pavement, I turned back and ventured into the dirt.  Picking our way through, I started feeling the energy of possibility.  We were walking around alone in a place where very soon there will be life everywhere.  As I looked into the framed rooms and new garages I felt increasing excitement.  Visions of kids playing, dogs barking, plants growing and love happening flooded my mind.  It felt like the opposite of a graveyard.  I love the peace and stillness of a graveyard – and it was quiet and still around me – but it was not like a graveyard.  “A BirthYard”, I thought.  What a wonderful thing!  I was reminded of a time, 12 years ago, when my current home was under construction with many others.  I used to walk through all the time with Mecca (my late pit bull) and dream that I might live here some day.  It was the birth yard of my current life, and I didn’t even know it.

Oh, and Taco peed on a piece of wood, so we will always be a part of someone’s home…IMG_0875

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