Day 29 Spontaneous self-love

Tonight I experienced spontaneous self-love.  What happened was, I was reading an email from a friend, and then began my response and a wave of happiness spread through me.  It was gentle and felt like love.  And the thought that entered was: “I love me!”  It’s cool, the outcome of this 30 day journey.  I have appreciated everyone’s love and comments and support very much.  I have really enjoyed the deepening connection I have felt with many.  OK, just used the thesaurus because “really enjoyed sounded weak”, so I have verily enjoyed reaching out. My words on this page (computer screen) cannot completely convey my experience.  Not simply because I can’t find the perfect words, but more because each human beings experience is different.  That has become clearer for me.  I have altered the way I experience life.  I have stepped back and been more accepting, in the sense that I wait, and listen, and allow the meaning of others’ to flow in.  images-6

I love this.  No wonder I love me.  How can I not love me, when what I am is an expression of god in human form.  I know that many would say they don’t believe that.  But everyone does know it.  We all just use our own words and have our own experience.  I like mine.


A 30-day journey to love my body

IMG_1062My body is amazing.  Strong legs, long wavy hair, cute toes, smiling eyes.  It does so much good stuff without any instructions from me!  It breathes, circulates blood, digests, thinks, laughs and loves.  It deserves my love and appreciation.  So, when I saw a social media post with photos of someone’s 30-day journey of diet and exercise, with photos, I thought…”Hey, Molly, why don’t you do a 30-day journey to love your body.  Yep, the fat tummy, the achy shoulder, the gray hair.  Every single bit of it.  It will be fun and easy.  And share this 30-day journey.  Document it.  See what happens.”

So, it is day 1.  Today I am loving my body by letting myself off the hook for caring what others think. Deep breath, and I just let go of that.  For a moment.  Guess what?  I am experiencing pretty strong emotion right now.  Maybe you have heard of the Emotional Guidance System.  I learned about it from the book Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks. What I know is that my emotions guide me to think and act in ways that are best for me.  When negative emotions come up, that is a magic key to unlock a belief that is not serving me.

A belief that does serve me is the belief that Source Energy is loving, personally, towards me.  Source is beaming powerful loving energy to me at all times, and it is my choice whether to allow it in.  Source loves my body, so when I think loving thoughts about my body, that feels good.  But if I try to think things that I”m not ready to really believe, it feels bad.  So I think more general, less specific thoughts.  And the love can shine through again!

So, tomorrow I will let you know about my experiences with letting myself off the hook.  Day 1 begins…