Day 29 Spontaneous self-love

Tonight I experienced spontaneous self-love.  What happened was, I was reading an email from a friend, and then began my response and a wave of happiness spread through me.  It was gentle and felt like love.  And the thought that entered was: “I love me!”  It’s cool, the outcome of this 30 day journey.  I have appreciated everyone’s love and comments and support very much.  I have really enjoyed the deepening connection I have felt with many.  OK, just used the thesaurus because “really enjoyed sounded weak”, so I have verily enjoyed reaching out. My words on this page (computer screen) cannot completely convey my experience.  Not simply because I can’t find the perfect words, but more because each human beings experience is different.  That has become clearer for me.  I have altered the way I experience life.  I have stepped back and been more accepting, in the sense that I wait, and listen, and allow the meaning of others’ to flow in.  images-6

I love this.  No wonder I love me.  How can I not love me, when what I am is an expression of god in human form.  I know that many would say they don’t believe that.  But everyone does know it.  We all just use our own words and have our own experience.  I like mine.


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