Day 5 – What I learned on my summer vacation

Judgmental people are hard on themselves.  I judge judgmental people.  This is not news to me, but I did not put it together until today how much this judging hurts me.  I am hard on myself.  Not always, but sometimes.  And I don’t even notice it most of the time.  Until now.  It is today’s gift from the 30 day process.  30 days of loving my body.  Having given myself permission to love the previously unlovable, and then made a commitment to myself to write something every day and share what I am learning, I can notice.  I have more time and space to think.  I read something today about how much time women spend comparing and categorizing themselves; apparently it happens every 30 seconds or something like that.  And it interferes with thinking and learning, which I have definitely observed in my students.  As I have expressed in previous posts, one of the gifts so far in this process is a feeling of greater freedom.  A whole bunch of thinking which I have previously felt required to do is no longer required.  Of course, it never was, but I didn’t know.  I am grateful for this marvelous journey

I’m going to post a few links here, which may be of interest to those who enjoy my journey so far:

Fat Links

Ted Talk:
Body Love Wellness website

My Body Gallery

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