Day 8 – Unconditional Love

She’s got the joy, joy, joy. joy down in her heart today…

I have some teachers, and one is Abraham-Hicks.  Abraham talks about unconditional love as a way of describing a connection to source energy.  I mean that I love, no matter what conditions surround me, as much as I allow that connection.  And today I practiced.  And I had a day without fear.  I had a day without hatred.  I had a day without judgement.  Well, I guess I had a little, but it felt so weird that I just laughed it away.

I joined a gym today!  That was unexpected.  It just felt right, it was the next logical step.  I’ve been wishing from time to time that I had not cancelled my membership, because I so much enjoy, sometimes, exerting my body with the weight machines.  Then, today, I received an email with a good deal, and I went in.  First of all, the girls behind the desk applauded.  Secondly, it took only a few minutes, and I ended up with an even better deal.  Finally, I got a free massage for a friend who is a current member.

If you are a regular reader, you have faith that I can pull this together with the theme of unconditional love.  Yep, here goes…I joined the gym because I love my body, fully, in it’s current condition.  And I don’t expect a fix.  I expect to feel good, and have fun.  So when the girls applauded, I joined in their excitement, instead of thinking – “they are happy the fat girl is gonna try to get thin.” And that’s the condition my condition is in.


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