Day 13 -Triskaidekaphobia

T13oday’s title has nothing to do with my 30-day love journey.  Yet – you know I will come across something.  Triskaidekaphobia is, of course, the fear of the number 13.  I do not have this phobia, I love the number 13.  I don’t know how to pronounce it.  Google it.

Any-way it’s late and I’m being silly.  Aha!  I know what to do;  I will list 13 things I love about my skin bag:

1.) My toes are cute and useful for holding on my flip-flops.

2.) My leg muscles are awesome.

3.) I love being 5’7″ because it’s not to tall and not to short…just right.

4.) I love my smile because other people notice it and get happy

5.) I can walk for a long time and not get tired.

6.) I love my fat belly because it is a part of my lovable body.

7.) When I take a deep breath and clear my mind, my body relaxes.

8,) I love how I am able to clear my mind. And how I can focus my mind.

9,) I love my blood sugar level because it helps me to focus on keeping a healthy body.

10.)  My hair is thick and wavy and easy to care for.

11.) I have lots of freckles which make me smile

12.)  My 5 senses and the wonderful feelings they induce

13.)  My butt sits very comfortably in chairs.

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