Day 14 – Loving thoughts

There is only one me and I am choosing, right now, to treat myself like a VIP:  Rockstar, movie star, queen, famous writer.  I’m gonna think thoughts that make me feel good. The most powerful loving thought are thoughts of happiness, joy, love, bliss, peace, serenity, FUN.  Lately, I can always get happy thinking about trees.  I just love the stability and flexibility of trees.  I can look at a tree standing tall and swaying in the breeze, and I can imagine myself being like that.  Being tall and useful and stable.  Being connected to everything. 3013321513_f1784b3c83_b

What I have learned is that thoughts attract other thoughts.  I am not as well practiced at following a pleasant train of thought as I am at following unpleasant trains.  The thing is, again, that it’s all about choice.  It’s my choice what to focus on.  So much of my time is spent thinking about what action to take, and then doing nothing, which makes me feel guilty.   OK, that’s neither fun nor productive.  So I’m gonna spend my thinking time with the fun trains, as much as I can.  Until it’s so practiced that it’s the go to thinking.  And just imagine the actions I will be inspired to.  Fun, fun, fun.

The pleasant train…

One thought on “Day 14 – Loving thoughts

  1. It is looking at it the other way. The negative will suck a person in more quickly. My friend with the retreat in Alabama, it is called Heartwood. I was struck with that image as I read your post. I could not find her’s but I liked this one. And then when you moved to trains, they make me think of my Dad. I learned of San Lorenzo first because we would go to the hobby shop to buy n-gauge trains. I will work more on positive as well.

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