Day 2 of loving my job

I want to start by loving my friend for a moment.  I have awesome friends, and last night I got to hang out with one of them, and he listened to me go on and on about so many things.  And I listened to him.  We laughed and cried and pushed the reset button on our friendship.  I mention it because it is another result of the new mind paths that I am creating with my loving blog.

Now, my job.  I loved it a lot today.  I talked with a boy about some behavior, and he told me he has anger problems.  We did not solve the anger problems today.  But we also did not make them worse.  And I think he believed that I am on his side.  Then, in 6th period, a discussion began comparing the attractiveness of Dora and Barbie.  My heart sang because Dora was the clear favorite.  It came up because of a question on a “getting to know you” worksheet asking about favorite comic strip.  Well, it’s 2014 and kids don’t read comic strips much.  Who even reads the newspaper any more?  It was like talking about listening to radio shows back when I was in 7th grade.  I knew people had done it, but I certainly hadn’t.  I just love traveling the leading edge with them each year.  

Staying in the moment, listening with both ears and staying open, loving and compassionate was today.  And, my plan for tomorrow.  IMG_0543


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