Here I sit in my morning chair, cup of coffee on the table, chihuahua cuddled up next to me.  I love my life so much.  I love watching the bird in the tree.  I love my fake Christmas tree with its pretty lights.  I love the luxury of a weekend before a week off.  A 2nd week off.  Plans for the day.  Meet with friends.  Enjoy a massage.  Grade a set of math tests.  Heaven.  

I have been waiting for my word of the year to come to me.  In the past, I have forced it, and then not been able to remember it throughout the year.  That’s okay.  But this year, I wanted a memorable one that fits me and grows with me where I’m headed.  It was given to me yesterday.  What a surprise!  A word that is used against me as a professional in the area of public school teaching.  Mastery.  

My word of the year is definitely Mastery, but I am not yet sure why. When I looked it up there were some other words that I considered, namely mastermind, mind, and simply master.  But since I was given “mastery”, I’m sticking with it.  I like that it comes for the same root as “maestra”, or teacher.

I have long thought of myself as “jack of all trades, master of none”.  Not, of course, in the handyman trades, but in a more academic, physical, spiritual, creative sense.  I am a dabbler.  I have come to terms with that in my fifties and seen its value. Now that I am quickly approaching a new decade of life, it seems that mastery is drawing me.  I seek to master life.  

I’m not done teaching, but I will be moving on in 5 years. I want to be a philosopher.   Or a poet.  A new breed of philosopher.  A new breed of poet.  I simply want to be a new breed.     After I’m done working with youth in a public school setting, what will I do next?  Share myself in a new way.  A way I make up all by myself.  I think I can amuse, enlighten, entertain, inspire with my thoughts.  Does anyone read anymore?  Will I have to do a podcast?  Make videos?  We shall see.

December 29, 2018




A few years back, I learned about the concept “Word of the Year”.  I always choose one.  Not a choice, really, if you do it right.  Sit quietly and it is given to you.  I thought my word was passion.  But part of the ritual of deciding on your word is to research it – find its meanings and etymology. So I couldn’t choose passion, because it comes from the Latin for pain.  And most of the definitions are related to pain.  Think Passion plays.

Words mean what we want them to mean, of course.  I love to play with both words and numbers, but there are different rules of play.  Numbers do become popular and are sometimes given meaning ,”twenty-one” for example, but  in general the rules of play are straightforward.  Words are more flexible.  “Find your Passion” has become a catch-phrase for those of us who are spiritual but not religious.  Or those who love Oprah and Chopra.  It’s that common 21st Century usage which brought me to the word.  The nagging feeling that if I could settle down and find a passion  I would be better.  I could follow my bliss and be of real use in the world.  Now I’m free!  Molly has let go of her futile search for her passion.  Passion means pain and I don’t have to eat kale.

So I came to enchantment.  ‘Twas a synonym of a synonym of a synonym of passion.  I wonder if there’s a word for “synonym of a synonym of a synonym” – trisynonym perhaps.  Enchantment has a dark side as well – think Snow White or Rapunzel.  But I settled there because enchantment implies magic.  Mystical Merriment is my game and enchantment is my aim. One definition of enchant on is: “to impart a magic quality or effect to”.  Enchantment is the art of enchanting.  I am a practitioner of the art of imparting a magic quality or effect.  My heart is laughing as I sit and ponder a year of imparting magical qualities to all in my path.  Watch me.