Day 4 – 30 days of loving my body

Today’s plan was to notice all thoughts about my body and flood every thought with golden liquid love.  Hmmm…It was a full and busy day and I’m not sure I noticed and flooded ’em all.  It was a wonderful day.  I was with family, I was of service, I didn’t think selfishly of myself and my needs, but was present in each moment to what was needed to increase the love.  Ah, that feels good.  Talk about some golden liquid love!  Let us now relate all of this to the body love topic, Miss Mills.  Ok, here goes – the practice of loving my physical self has increased the love for everything. There it is.  One of the reasons that I embarked on this journey is that is has become apparent that there are parts of me – areas of my life – beliefs – that are like love resistors.  They block the love coming in and going out.  Not totally, but more like a semi-permeable membrane.  I desire more love, flowing freely.  And body image/awareness/hate/love has been part of my thought life for many years.  Literally as far back as I can remember.  

Seriously…I thought the number on the scale, the waist measurement, the roundness and firmness of my stomach fat was one of those things that I was required by some unspoken law to ponder, obsess over, feel guilty about, protest, complain about. No such law exists.  What a concept!  I find it remarkable that I am such a physically healthy person, given the barrage of unnecessary and unhelpful thoughts I’ve amassed over the years. I’m a healthy girl!  It can be so easy to care for myself.  It doesn’t take a lot of work, or time, or pain, or suffering.  It takes the willingness to be playful and joyful and to listen. It takes a belief in freedom, a freedom to choose what I want to eat based on my emotional guidance. And not simply what I want to eat, but what I want to do. Or NOT do. Here’s one more thing.  I’m sharing this journey; I’m doing the blog, because I can’t let go of any thing that I continue to hide.  Vulnerability – Brene Brown – I bet you’ve seen the TED talk.  Everybody knows and nobody cares.  You care about ME, maybe, but you don’t care much about my thoughts.  You can’t until I share them.  And they become simple thoughts/fairytales/stories.  And they are not me, but they are a part of me that I don’t need.  So – you can have them.  I don’t need those thoughts anymore.

She's got legs...
She’s got legs…

8 thoughts on “Day 4 – 30 days of loving my body

  1. Fran

    I love that you are taking this time just to love yourself. We tend not to spend enough time appreciating the best of who we are. You are an amazing person Molly Mills.

  2. Natalie Komuro

    Molly, I am really appreciating your blog! I’m approaching 52 years and still struggle with a negative self-image. It really is a ridiculous waste of time. Opening ourselves to love has to be the most liberating thing we can do.

  3. Lynn Richards

    I am loving this blog…I don’t have the discipline to think about following a 30 day regime so I’m living vicariously through your blog! I start the day reading this and think about your insights throughout the day…bravo, Miss Molly!

  4. Carol McK

    I’m enjoying this blog. Love your emphasis on joy and playfulness. Helpful to me as I deal with aging in our society – I don’t have to believe all the stories I tell myself!

  5. Cathy Lee

    Reading your blog got me to watch several TED talks by Brene Brown. I am grateful you shared her work in your writing.

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