Day 16- A short post after midnight

Technically it’s Day 17 because it’s after midnight, but I’m not in bed yet so it still seems like Day 16 to me!  I started this blog because I thought that if I focused on loving my body, then healthy thoughts about my body could replace the old beliefs that were keeping me with a body that was often uncomfortable and aging.  Well, I was right.

You see, I knew to try it because I have experience with replacing old beliefs with new beneficial ones and seeing my life change for the better.  Here’s why I think it works:  I made up stories and developed beliefs all through life, and sometimes they get in my way.  They block what some call the Sunlight of the Spirit.  I get caught up in my head and I make other people wrong.  I have negative emotions and I cannot access the power of the universe.  

Bottom line is that after 50 years of hating my body in different ways, a few days of consciously noticing when I love my body, Not hating my body now comes naturally to me.  So my cells can cooperate with source.  I remain healthy.   

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