Day 26 – Blind Date

images-5Yes, I am actually going on a blind date. We have communicated on email but not yet met. I probably should be getting ready but instead I am opening my life to you, my avid readership. I’m excited about it because of the transformed way of being I have been practicing and developing over the 26 days of blogging about loving my body. And by the way, I am about 5 pounds lighter than when I started. Gonna write a book – blogging your way to a slimmer you! No, I’m not. That would negate the whole premise of my blog, which is that my body knows what it needs and if I can get my own little plans and schemes out of the way, my body will thrive.

Ha! back to the blind date. It’s not the first date I’ve been on since Mark died in 2007.  But I am way more excited about it.  Same premise. My inner self knows what it needs in relation to dating and relationships, and tonight, I will get my own little plans and schemes out of the way and let it flow…


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